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If your hubby has any woodworking skills. It would be basic to make one and it is on my never ending list of stuff to do. Buy 2 oak 1 X 4's and rip to width wanted, cut to length wanted, round off ends with belt saner, use forstener bit to drill hole for oak dowels cut to length (which would be the width of the ladder you want). Glue together using wood glue, sand and stain/poly you can buy it mixed so you don't have to do 2 steps or you can paint them to match your decor.

I have seen these at shows, but knowing I can make one I just can't justify their cost. You can use pine or any wood. the trick is finding a straight board without a lot of knots. Hard to do these days.

I'd make them and sell them, but shipping would be cost prohibitive.


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I like the idea. I saw once where the maker put three of these together much like a room divider, used hinges so you could fold it to stand alone. I suppose you could join two together for the same effect. It was really pretty with beautiful wood--around $300 for just one! Yup, the shipping would be prohibitive. Nice DH!

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