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I'm always here asking questions of the experts and while I'm nothing close to being expert at this I did figure out a few things that work for me on pantographs...maybe this will help some of my fellow newbies.

I'm a little bit hindered (not handicapped!) because I have MS. Left hand doesn't work well, right hand doesn't quite understand the goofy left hand so it's always a struggle. This is how I got passable results with my pantographs.

I use my right hand only and on the left handle, I keep my elbow close to my body, I bend my left knee just a little bit (seem just a little more stable with the knee bent) and as I stitch I move my whole body instead of just my arm so that elbow stays in place all the time. Now there is a point where I'm not sure if I'm quilting or golfing but I keep ending up with quilts....

Oh, and like everyone else says, don't look right at the red dot, look ahead of it, that helps so much.

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Guest Linda S

That's great advice Cindy. I don't have MS, but I have a tremor that is, sometimes, severe, and I do my pantos just as you have described. It makes everything a lot more stable and, I think, makes it easier to see where you are going!

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I had my knobs on backwards so instead of them leaning forward, they tilted out. I got used to them that way. I even got used to the buttons being upside down. Then Barb came by and set them right. I tried quilting with them with the knobs tilted inward, but I didn't like it. I changed them back so they are upside down and tilted outward. I find it much easier to hold the knob as I quilt doing a panto. I hold the round knob in the palm of my hands and I am standing straighter than with the handles tilted inwards. It seems I was leaning forward and my back hurt more when the handles were correctly on. So, mine are backwards and upside down, LOL!

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