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I bought a used Lenni about a month ago and just started practicing on it. I received the manual on CD but I did not receive the basic training CD.

So.....my problem is that I do not know how to wind a new bobbin. I have tried to use the sidewinder - that is a useless gadget.

Can anyone please explain how to wind a bobbin - I'm desperate?!?!?!

Thanks so much,


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Did you get one of those crazy Wrights side winders. Yep, bought one for the wife and it's still in the box. She gave me this goofy look and said, "do you really think it going to work". I actually tried it and put it back in the box. I guess that says it all. zeke..........

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Before I got the turbo bobbin winder from APQS, I was sent the side winder which came with my Lenni, and you are right, it was useless.

I could however wind bobbins on my bernina 440qe, and some other domestic sewing machines have the same size shaft to be able to wind the apqs bobbins, so try your sewing machine first. My pfaff however could not wind them as the shaft was a different size. Failing that you would need to get a better bobbin winder. I love my turbo bobbin winder, and it winds a really nice tight consistent bobbin. I know it costs a fair amount, but to me it was worth it.

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