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Just for Fun...Improbable Quilting Business Names

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The worst mental picture for me--a local quilter has "Barbed Wire Stitches".

Yep--her name is Barb and they live on a "ranch". I just visualize her using a big iron needle to pull barbed wire through a quilt...... or maybe getting her arm stitched up by a doctor after she gets cut by barbed wire. All-around not so good.:D

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Happy Wife Quilting

my friend calls my quilting situation (no business here) this because dh always says, 'happy wife, happy life'

everytime she comes up for a quilting overnight she sends me a thank you and adds this to my address.

she's a pip and i love having her here - it's a treat when she comes!!!

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Improbable Quilting Business Names:

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Machine Quilting Services

Manic Depressive Machine Quilting Services

I Hate Quilters In General Machine Quilting Services

Terrible Tension Machine Quilting Services

You want me to quilt your ugly quilt? Ha! Machine Quilting Services

Just Released from Prison Machine Quilting Services

I've Got a Gun, And a Longarm, and I'm not Afraid to use Both, Machine Quilting Services

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Do You Feel Lucky, Punk, Creative Quilting

My Way Or The Highway Machine Quilting

Passive-Aggressive Longarm Quilting (right down the road from Shana's Manic Depressive MQS!)

Big Old Huge Stitches in a Funny Color Thread Quilting Company

Stashbusters Unite Machine Quilting

If Life Gives You Melons You Might Be Dyslexic Stitching

(this is fun!--my fave is Shana's "You Want Me To Quilt Your Ugly Quilt? Ha! Machine QS!)

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Originally posted by sandradarlington

What about "Rech-It Quilting Service?" A play on Linda Rech's name.

Linda....I hope you are laughing at this. Your quilting is stunning, so it is not meant as a description of what you really do. (((Hugs.)))

Sandra!! I love it!:P:P:P

My son says I should add "Let me Rech your quilt" to my business cards.

But then again, we always tell him we wanted to name him Otto!;)

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