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Just for Fun...Improbable Quilting Business Names

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Originally posted by Linda S

Madelyn - that's too funny, as I caught my little toe on my vacuum cleaner last night and broke it for about the fourth time in my life! It's a lovely shade of purple/black this morning. Sigh.

So sorry about your toe, Linda. That is so painful!

Just another lesson why housework is so dangerous and to be avoided if at all possible!;)

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Linda, so sorry to hear about your toe:(

Here's mine:

Butt Ugly Quilting Sevices

Over the Top Quilting Services

EXTREME Quilting Services

Yodis & Conn Quilting Services, named after my cat Yodi and my dog Armstrong who steals food and was nicknamed "convict"

How can you tell I endured 6 teenagers (5boys and 1 girl-hell on wheels) 3 mine, 3 step


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My sister is a fishing quide (trophy trout) and they call her the "Fish Bitch" because it's male dominated and she out-fishes the male guides. I wanted to be called the "Stitch Bitch" but I thought it might be off-putting to my older customers. It just makes me laugh! Keeping it all in the family..........I settled for "Creative Quilting!":D

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