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Originally posted by Anne from Guam

How do you get anything done at all? I would never leave her alone!

Still in the banished period! We got to go over yesterday for an hour. Tomorrow her mom moves out and we move in. I can't wait to spend a few days with them. This has been really hard being so close yet so far away.

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Thanks everybody. We're finally here at son's house and get to spend some quality time with Kailey. I can hardly take my eyes off of her but I have to share. Very hard to share. The kids are worried because she sleeps a lot. LOL I told them they were just lucky! She was a little fussy last night and DIL said she was glad because it felf more like she had thought it would be like. I think they just have a great baby! My daughter as just like that, sleeping 5 - 6 hours between feedings. I had a 14 month old so I wasn't as anxious about her sleeping so much. LOL Kailey is just perfect!

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Oh Heidi, Congratulations!!! How precious she is. I get one of those in first Grandbaby. I'm kind of hoping for a girl for the other Grandma as she had four boys and would really love to spoil a little girl. But whatever we get we will be thrilled. I'm not as talented as you are to be able to make such a beautiful quilt for my Grandbaby, though. I will probably give my baby lonestar quilt if it is a girl, otherwise I have a little boy quilt that is not quilted yet. I better get that one done just in case!

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