Red Snappers and Red Edge Clamps-what size?

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I'm planning to get Red Snappers and the Red-E Edge clamps, but would like advice on what size to get? I have a 12 ft Freedom SR, but am considering getting the 10 ft Red Snappers and some of the smaller clamps to fill in as needed. I only do quilts for myself, and will rarely need the full 12 ft length. The Red Snappers come in 10, 12, & 14 ft; the Red-E Edge clamps come in 12, 16, & 20".

Thanks in advance for your advice!

Also-if you have them, do you like them?

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If you scroll down about 8 topics below yours, you will see this discussion:

I have also posted pics on these.

The clamps are the 12" which allow me to slightly roll my quilt back and forth as needed, without taking the larger clamps off and installing them back on, etc.

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I have them and really like them. It takes a little practice to get them adjusted right and for the plastic to loosen up a bit but once it's done they are great. NO pins sticks, no sewing zippers. Oh, and I have a 14 ft table and only bought enough for a 12 foot. I also bought extra small clamps.

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I bought the 12 foot Snappers for a twelve foot table. Didn't put them in the quilt top roller as I float my quilts.

I cut one of the medium size Snappers in half so I have 36", 18" and 9" long pieces to Snap on. Work sfo rmost quilts. Don't have the Red Edge I have OXO Chip Grip clamps, 2 on each side that cover 11" work well for me.


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Guest Linda S

I bought a set for my 14' table, but I have yet to install them. I'm thinking I most likely won't, and I'll sell them. I just don't want that lump in the throat up my machine taking up any quilting space. The Liberty's throat size is just right for me, but I don't want to lose any room.

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