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hi all -

well, i just had to post one of the pics i took of our newest family member on his visit to our house.

his name is otto, and my son adopted him from a local rescue.

he's a 3 years old male - mastiff/lab mix - & i think a bit of chow is thrown in there, too. isn't he just hilarious????

he's very sweet, but needs some training.

it warms my heart to think of my son coming home to him instead of an empty house. i'm sure he and john will be great together.


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I love him! Dogs truly are man's best friend, they love unconditionally & provide years of great memory's. :)

Adopting a pet is a good thing for everyone, have fun with him, he certainly looks like a real character! :)

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What a sweetie! He looks quite happy in his new home. I see your son has him all decked out in an appropriately manly collar. I think you're right about the chow influence, the color is certainly right, and it looks like he has the short legs of a chow. I'm sure he and your son will be family for many years to come.

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God bless your son for taking him home. "Mr. Handsome" looks like he has quite a personality. I was thinking just today when I was out with my two labs (one a rescue from the reservation) that my two dogs have their own special personality and how much I love them for all of their quirks!! And looking at "Mr. Handsome" I am wondering if my rescued "lab" might have a little bit of his breeding (whatever it is) in him. My lab has the bigger jowls like your son's dog. Too cute!

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