Suggestions for cross hatch rulers

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Looking for feedback/suggestions for cross hatching rulers. Does anyone have the Westalee cross hatch rulers from Quilters Rule? ( ) If so, how do you like them? How about compared to the cross hatch rulers by Linda Rech (I think; see that clamp onto the levelor bar?? Any other suggestions or ideas? I welcome your expertise! :)

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Originally posted by sagebrushquilter

agreed. linda rech's crosshatch rulers rock! i only wish i had the 60 degree ones. they are on my wish list.

her member name is ffq-lar. and her website is

I only see one kind of crosshatch rulers on Linda's site and I have those. Is there another style?

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I bought the Westalee ruler second hand and it is a really good tool. I found no problem with any movement against the leveller bar - in fact, I was amazed at how secure it felt. It has both the 90 degree and 60 degree angles and it was easy to unscrew and move the ruler part to change direction. It was also incredibly accurate.

I have heard how good Linda's ruler is, but I've never used it myself.

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I have both. I started with Linda's crosshatch and LOVE them. However they are limited. I bought the westlee ruler and added the cut pipe with silicone screws and now have Linda's adherence to the bar but tons of options of angles and ruler types. I now have the best of both


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I have the Westalee. The range is great - not only straight lines, but all sorts of curvy options too. I have had a similar problem to Lyn in trying to keep it level against the leveler bar. I've put it down to flex in my bars and perhaps me pushing too hard.

I like Melora's adaptation - clever girl!


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Originally posted by Deann

Wondering if something is wrong with my rulers from Linda Retch; I can't use an extended base with them and it makes them kind of wobbly? The clamp is so far down on the quilt top if I use my base that it sort of grabs the back of the quilt top.

Hi--Sorry you are having a problem. Please email me

and I will send you some hints. I suspect that your roller needs to be raised to accommodate the base and the ruler. At the APQS recommended height, the space between the base of the machine and the roller is wide enough for you to slip your hand between them up to the second knuckle. Dennis checks all rulers for clearance on my machine, but as you know, every machine is different. I will watch for a message from you.


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