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I was asked by a friend to make a t-shirt quilt from the shirts she has collected since being diagnosed with breast cancer. She's taken part in many walks and fundraisers but does not wear t-shirts herself. So, with no restrictions, I was given the honor of creating something that will be very special and will be handed down through the generations. Just a bit about the special touches that I added for her......each shirt is framed by a flowing vine, signifying new LIFE. In the meandering, I included the cancer ribbon to remind her of the fight for her life. And included with the ribbons, she will see many hearts that were added, to remind her of the love and support she has received and continues to receive. The quilt is framed with piano keys, to remind her of the beautiful music that life now has to offer, thanks to the blessings and new life that she has been given. In the photo, I am located on the left and Bev is on the right. This was a beautiful project and one that brought many tears and hugs of happiness. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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She's pretty pleased with the quilt. The only requirement she gave me was that it had to be PINK! And, as some of you have mentioned, it's quite pink! She'll be showing it off to family this week and is so excited about doing so! I can't wait to hear the comments. That's the best part of finishing a job for me! :D

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