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A local art gallery is holding it's annual show of Dia de los Muertos artwork (the Mexican celebration for Day of the Dead) and I was asked to submit one large & several small pieces. Here is the large one...Flower Power de los Muertos. It was lots of fun to make. Noticed an online tutorial for hexagon log cabins the day after I bought the peace sign fabric which I used as block centers. Machine appliqued in cotton and ultrasuede fabrics, machine quilted with ease on my George. Sorry the quilting doesn't show...the background is covered with 4" daisies.

Nancy in Tucson


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No bones about it,,,, ;) ;) this is a great quilt!

Peace, drugs, tie dye, far out and groovy, man!

I remember back in the late 60s early 70s we lived just north of San Francisco, and we'd go into the city to visit family and we always wanted to see the hippies, so my dad would drive us through Goldengate Park and Haight Ashbury district. Us three girls would climb in the back of the station wagon and show the peace sign with our fingers to the hippies. We loved it! :cool:

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