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Small Dia de los Muertos pieces

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Judy: You asked to see some of the smaller Dia de los Muertos pieces...didn't know how to add them to the earlier thread so...

There are 4 small pieces. I hope the photos don't post too small for you to see. They are 12 x 12" and stretched onto canvas stretcher bars. This format seems to sell well at the gallery. All are cotton fabrics & ultrasuede with dimensional embellishments. Oh oh, looks like I only know how to post one at a time.

I really do prefer working on the larger ones where I can add more detail. Sylvia...the pieces are for sale at the gallery so, if they sell, I'll get some $$ and so will the non-profit which runs the park where the gallery is located.


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Quilters Newsletter did a wonderful article on Dia de los Muertos in their 2009 October/November issue. I think you can probably still get the content online. It's a Mexican tradition, celebrated a little differently in different areas but also observed in the US now that the hispanic population is growing. Obviously, it is better understood here in Arizona and in New Mexico where I used to live. I am not Mexican nor did I grow up with this celebration. I collect folk art and was intrigued by the whimsical skull and skeleton images I saw in Mexican folk art. Basically, there is more of a correlation to All Saint's Day than to Halloween. Based on the belief that departed friends and loved ones are only really 'gone' when their memory no longer lives on, the tradition is to clean & decorate grave sites or to build small altars in the home to remember the departed on November 1 & 2. Often the departed's favorite foods or pastimes are reflected on these altars. A great deal of the imagery is fanciful...it makes me happy. That's why I started making these quilts. Since they amuse others, I have continued. What a crazy thing to become 'known' for, eh? Best to all, Nancy in Tucson

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