Larger M-sized bobbin from APQS??

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I just noticed in the scrolling advertisement section on the main page that APQS is offering an M-sized bobbin, but have not been able to locate much more information than that. Will the tension and stitch quality still be as good as with the smart bobbin or smaller bobbin? Will it be possible to retrofit older machines with the larger bobbin? I sure would be wonderful not to reload so often if I could still keep the same quality.

Anyone have any more information on this? Very curious!


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Hi Amy,

The Big Bobbin can be retrofitted to older machines. It requires a trip back to the "spa" at the factory because the gearbox needs to be changed to accommodate the larger hook. Then at the same time an interchangeable foot will be added. The cost of the upgrade is $1,000.

I did test the big bobbin and was impressed by the performance. I think because our machine's design keeps the hook much closer to the needle plate and needle, the distance the top thread must travel to complete a stitch is greatly reduced compared to other M bobbin machines. This helps with stitch quality. APQS still believes in the physics behind the Smart Bobbin and its stitch quality, but we are answering the request from many customers who are longing for a bigger bobbin.

Let me know what other questions you have!

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I am not sure about the M bobbin and interchangeable foot making an appearance in Duluth, but I'll try to find out!


The Interchangeable foot will be available for the same price as the current single piece template foot at $137.50 (or installed at APQS for $175. At the moment we are finalizing the accessory feet with our machinist so we don't have individual costs from him yet. However, I believe you'll be able to purchase the feet individually as well as in kit form. Right now we are designing low profile and high profile open toe feet, a low profile solid foot, and some feet for George users.

We should know in the next couple of weeks what the final prices are once the machinist gets back to us. We hope to have them ready for debut for sure at the AQS show in Des Moines at the end of next month if not before then. :)

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I had a 2009 Millennium with L bobbin and now have the 2013 Milli with the M bobbin.  I love it.  I use Quilt Path and free motion with my Milli on the Bliss table and find it very nice to not have many bobbin changes.  My tension with the M bobbin has been great, and it does have a bit louder sound but now that my Milli doesn't beep while Stitch Regulated engaged, I am really happy.  

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I installed an M bobbin system on my Ult2 four years ago.  I checked the stitch quality with the L system before I installed the M, and after the installation.  I could tell no difference.  I didn't change anything in the gearbox.  It's worked without issue ever since.  I think I probably have quilted 200 quilts with the M set up.  Sure is nice to only change the bobbin half as often.  Jim

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My M bobbin is a dream, too, especially doing a king size quilt with a dense 13 inch panto. It's nice to make it through a row without changing the bobbin. I hope one day to test drive an APQS, maybe own one, too. So glad they came out with an M bobbin as I would have ruled it out as a machine for me. Smart move, APQS!! ;)

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