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Some gals want this quilted, and fast, to complete in time for their raffle. They sent a picture and want custom quilting. When I look at it, it just screams for all kinds of custom work....and the time that goes with it. Any suggestions for a time-friendly custom job? They do want some sort of motif in each of the solid blocks. Not sure if I can make it happen as quickly as they need it. Hmmmm.....

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Since I can't see your picture, I can only make some very general suggestions. If you are looking for fast, but different designs in each block, do you have any expensive toys? :P By that I mean, do you have a Circle Lord, or Quiltazoid, or another tool where you can make different block patterns, both accurately and quickly? Using them for the blocks would leave you with just the sashing and border designs to do.

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