Recommended Posts sidetracked for a few days with babysitting and the holiday weekend................

Starting a new month and new season with different foods available to us now. The fresh produce from the garden or Farmer's Markets will be gone soon .......... :( When the weather gets cooler, as it has been here lately, we tend to eat different foods. I've had some veggie soup in the freezer and warmed that up a couple of times. I make a big batch of veggie soup or Taco soup and then freeze in serving sizes. Then I can just pull out a container and nuke it and I am good to go.

I lost 1.2# this past week. Chasing after a 2 year old for 2 days much have done it. haha

Have a healthy day...............

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Well, I'm discouraged. Instead of losing .6 lb to make my 15 lb short term goal, I gained 1.4. Sigh. :( And I tracked all of my points, and greatly increased my activity during the week. We went up to the North Shore for the weekend, and biked at least 60 min ea day, on hilly trails, and also walked briskly 30-60 min each day. Maybe my efforts will show next week; sure hope so! I am still making sure I exercise at least 30 min each day, which I had not doing the last couple months, more like a couple times a week.

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