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How to quilt this for raffle


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I am quilting this quilt for a raffle. I am an advanced beginner (can do feathers...sort of inconsistently so far). This quilt is so busy I am not sure what to do. Normally I would do overall but is there any other ideas since it will be raffled to raise money??? No borders, 4 patch type. HELP.

Am trying to attach photo. Sorry.


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Until you can post a photo of the quilt I can only imagine what it may look like!:P

Buuuut... a four patch type without borders works great with a panto or overall design.

If your raffle quilt committee wants it quilted more towards

the custom side and the blocks/squares are large enough,

drop a stencil or free-standing CC design in each square.

This will also look good from the back. Use a slightly contrasting

thread in the bobbin and it will look like a wholecloth on the back.

If it is smaller 4-patches, a more elaborate CC all across is

very pretty. For examples of this technique visit


for Diana Phillips' website and access to her gallery of quilts.

I remember that excitement when my first customers

appeared so I imagine you are thrilled and apprehensive at the same time!

Good luck and stitch away!

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Well, there's that photo! Looks like a disappearing nine-patch from what I can see.

Pretty florals and busy fabric, so I think a flowery and leafy overall would be my choice for

this one. It's hard to do semi-custom when it is so scrappy. You want the quilting to show

since that is what they are paying for, but custom gets lost unless you use a high-contrast

color or heavy weight of thread. And then you run the risk of overwhelming the pattern with

the quilting. I am sure you will get lots more suggestions.

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