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Sewing room finished


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Originally posted by chrisee

It is great to be able to visit your space. I am at the stage of deciding on the size of my cutting table and the best use of the space under neath. Thanks Oma for sharing.

Great storage under your Liberty. How do you check the tension on the back of your quilt while on your Liberty?

Usually at the start of a quilt I will sew a little on the extra fabric on the side to check tension. If I'm still thinking it might be off I reach under and feel. If it doesn't look or feel right to me I use a mirror to look by reaching under from either the front or the back. I have been truly blessed with my Liberty...she doesn't give me tension problems. If I were to have problems I could just advance the quilt then walk to the back and see what it was doing.

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Oma, It all is so much to absorb. You did a fabulous job of organizing everything! What a lovely place to spend your time sewing, quilting and paper crafting.

I have been looking for storage for under my frame, and really like yours. Thank you for mentioning where you found the storage units.

and thank you for posting all the pictures. Wonderful!

PS: Glad the track lighting worked out in your room. Perhaps yours function better and don't cast shadows because of the height of the ceiling. I now have a torch floor lamp near the ironing table and cutting table to help out.

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Ugh, I would rather spend my time piecing or quilting than cleaning and organizing

Me too. I used to remember where everything was then I decided I didn't have to if I just put a label on everything. LOL. There's a method to my madness.

I have found that the best way to get organized is to do a little at a time. Otherwise it's overwhelming. Decide to organize one thing at a time...like just your magazines or just your thread, etc. Seeing them pretty and organized will motivate you to organize the rest. When you're done with that then go sew a project or something until the next time you're either stuck on something or not wanting to sew then pick another "little" area to organize. Before you know it your whole area will be organized.

I try to "clean up and start fresh" after every quilt. Meaning I put my rulers and everything away where they belong and get out what I need again and make another big mess when I start a new quilt. BUT...I always try to start fresh. I tell myself it shows respect for the new quilt so things go better.:)

Buy little plastic containers or pretty little boxes when they are on sale or you have a coupon and sit them on the shelf empty if you must until you decide what should go in there.

I'm hesitant to use the big plastic bins because they take up a lot of room, they are not particularly attractive and they hold too much stuff so you still don't know what's in there or else you have to "unpack" it to get to what you wanted. I use a few here and there. Try to use smaller containers and see if it doesn't help.

Buy a label maker and keep it in your room then label, label, label. Especially if you are using boxes you can't see into. When I'm "procrastinating" or "pondering" on a project I will sit and make labels for things.

It would be nice to have a crew come in and do it for you, but the truth is you need to put your things where they make sense to you and near where you use them the most.

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Originally posted by Corey

Hi Oma,

Thanks for sharing your studio. It is good to have a dedicated place for all your hobbies and room to play. You are one blessed lady.


Yes, Corey, I am truly blessed in so many ways. I thank God every day for all the blessings I have received.

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holy craftiness, batman, that is one humming studio!!!:D:P:D:P

how do you ever keep track of everything you have????:o:o:o:o:o

no matter how organized i became i know my brain wouldn't remember all that - it just isn't big enough! i'd need a map!!!


you are one lucky oma!!!

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Originally posted by Anne from Guam

Oma! Awesome and so many pics to drool over, thanks!

One question, what do you use that orange hammer for?

All sorts of funny answers came to mind for this question because everyone asks me, but truthfully, if you have a thick, unruly seam intersection you can spray it with a little starch then hit it with that hammer and it behaves quite nicely. It doesn't happen often, but when it does this really helps.

They sell little hammers in quilt stores for this purpose, but I went to Harbor Freight and bought a "manly" one. LOL.

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Meg, believe it or not, I kind of know exactly what I have. My friends are always surprised that I can walk straight to something I'm looking for. They tell me it's like having a photographic memory...I just roll my eyes and point to the labels on everything laughing.

I frequently will buy two of something like my favorite scissors so I can keep one pair by my sewing machine and one over on the cutting table and not have to constantly be going back and forth.

There is a method to my madness for sure.

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Guest Linda S

Nanashark - a CL is a Circle Lord, sold by the circle lord himself, Michael Valeriote. The Circle Lord is an awesome tool for automating designs, especially if you don't have the money for a computerized system There are giant boards, which can be placed on the pantograph side of the table -- you simple place the CL stylus down into the groove and quilt! There is also a basic unit which you can clamp and move on the table with circular discs that help you make a bunch of spirograph-type designs. I had one for many years before I got my Intelliquilter and sold it when I did go computerized. To tell you the truth, there are still times when I miss the simplicity of the Circle Lord and wish I could just plunk that stylus down and go!

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CL is short for Circle Lord like Linda said. They are awesome and so worth the money. Not cheap by any means. I gulped the first time I ordered some, but I have not regretted that purchase one single bit.

The drawers under my Liberty mostly came from JoAnn's with a 40% coupon. I think I actually ordered the white ones from Target online...again during a sale so I got them fairly cheap. Look for IRIS Scrapbook Case Chest. They come with little rollers which I didn't put on because I wanted to have space above them to lay other stuff and I wasn't going to pull them out anyway. They are VERY convenient. I do keep a little step stool nearby so I can sit on it when I want to take time to look through several drawers. Or I can just pull the plastic drawers out and set them on my table to go through them. I like that the drawers have lids so they close and stuff doesn't fall out of them. All the drawers are labeled so I find things really fast. The best thing is they are clear so I can sort of see through them.

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Now I know your secrets to your speedy recoveries ,who wouldnt want to be back into the swing of things to get back into that wonderful studio you have created !!! I am still into the beginning stages,I am not even half way across with the plastic storage drawers under my 14 foot frame .We had a real old homemade gun cabinet that I painted years ago for storage that I have now converted into my thread house,it has two glass doors on the front and I cut and installed bunches of shelves and repainted the interior ,I love being able to see it without the worries of dust . Best Wishes for you and hope you are finally feeling better .

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