Different take on Dresden Plate

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I love your feathers and swirls, and especially like how you put a small circle in the middles, instead of a teardrop. I think I'll try that. Would there be a chance that you could get the name of the pattern and where to order it? I really like it. :)


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Wonderful quilting, and an interestingly different take on the Dresden pattern which I love!

Another favourite! ( I wonder if our favourites folder ever gets full?!!)


Heritage Country Quilting

Western Australia

2009 APQS Millenium, hand guided.

'Waltzing Matilda" or Milly Tilly!

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It is from the book Fancy to Frugal, Authentic uilt Patterns fdrom the '30s by Kay Connors and Karen Earlywine. The pattern is called Fancy Dish.

Innova and Intelliquilter

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I just bought this book at the Joann's Superstore near Indio/Palm Springs. Walked in today and all the books were 40% off! :cool:

Too bad that sign wasn't up when I bought a book there yesterday! :(

And BTW Victoria, your quilting is FAR superior to what's shown in the book! ;) Nice job!


DIGITIZED Designs for Computerized Quilting

The POCKET GUIDES to Freehanding

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I thought this was a very pretty Dresden and I'm not real crazy about them. The quilting made it even more beautiful. The more I kept coming back to look at it (and I did that a lot) the more I thought I'd like to make one. I almost bought the book with the pattern in it a couple of times then would talk myself out of it and put the book back. Well...when I got my Nov/Dec issue of McCall's Quilting right there on page 74 is this pattern. I guess that's a sign that I have to make it now wouldn't you say? Hmmmm.:)


Serendipity: The discovery of something wonderful quite by accident while looking for something quite different.

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