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Hi! I wanted to check out the smaller boomerangs that Deloa has. I have the 3 larger ones, and I was thinking I saw on here somewhere that she had a small one ... maybe like a 6" one? I went to her website and I don't see any smaller ones on there than the 3 original ones I bought. Am I just dreaming? Any info? thanks!

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You guys !!!! Now I had to go and order those mini boomerangs ! :P I have the 12" one but think those smaller ones will be very handy.

I have Renee's arcs, too, but only one of them has lines. There was one of the arcs that was just exactly the right curve I needed to SID on my Bali Wedding Ring quilt ! Sooner or later those nifty toys are just the right tool for the job.

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