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Originally posted by Anne from Guam

I was wondering what was the thread path you used through the diamonds?

The design was one I learned at Innovations a couple of years ago, I forget right now which teacher, and it uses the same thread path as continuous curve. I use this a lot, l really like it's rhythm when I am stitching it.

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Originally posted by dmilner

Ardelle, I love your feathers!!! They are so beautiful they put a peacock's to shame:P And your diamond motif!!!! I think they should be called Ardelle's Twirling 1/2 K's. (It's a K without the "l")

We need to gather "you" into a fabulous book or Quilting with Ardelle Kerr CD!!

LOL! Sorry It is not my design so you can't call it Ardelle's anything...thanks for the though though. I will have to look up who's design it is.

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Thanks you ladies for your wonderful comments! I love doing feathers, they are my favorite....

Originally posted by LindaB

Ardell ..... you've been showing us some spectacular quilting ...... WOW!!!!!

I love your "SHOW'N'TELL" ..... :D:D:D

Well, I love all the show and tell on this forum, so thought I should contribute. I love seeing what you all are inspiring...

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It appears to be like a Terry Twist, Sally Terry may be your teacher? I took one of her classes at Innovations a few years ago. The path can be around the diamond and the go opposite direction in the next diamond. Clockwise, then counterclockwise. Or go the length, two sides to the next two sides, get to the end and double back. More than one way...

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Beautiful, Ardelle! Love those feathers!

The CC design is a classic Line Dancing offering which looks great on both squares and triangles. It is a traveling design exactly like CC's so if you can do those or TTwists, the pathway is the same. I chant to myself as I stitch these--"point/swoop" until I get into the rhythm.

Ardelle, I hope you don't mind me posting this diagram I first shared in 2009. These are other classic Line Dancing designs. The third one is the point/swoop. The fourth one is also very pretty on feminine quilts. The bottom drawing shows just one line--you follow around the blocks in a CC manner.


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