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Yep, some really great advice here. I practiced by drawing in a sketch book and on a white board over and over and over.....always use a fine blending thread...I only mark the spine and sometimes not ever that. I made a set of template for setting triangles that I drew out the pattern and punched a hole where I start. Now I just mark the start and set the template beside me so I do not forget my direction of travel around my pattern....

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Originally posted by Sharond

One class I took this year in Milwaukee, it might have been Dawn C's. The instructor told us to lift our hand off the paper when drawing the feathers. The only thing touching the paper should be your pen/pencil, you will "glide" when drawing your feathers.

That is what I started doing and it does work better. More of the same motion we would use if we had the machine handle in our hand instead of the pen.

Not much practicing getting done this weekend. 45th Class reunion and I have a friend from high school staying with us.

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Hi, I have also taken a class with Sharon Schamber this week and I can not believe how I am able to draw feathers. I have tried many different ways of drawing feathers and this is the easiest and simplest way of doing feathers. Sharon gives you the theory behind the basics of feathers and also the dimentions for forming the feathers. Her theory makes the learning much curve shorter. I highly recommend Sharon's classes. Lee

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Linda, YES, Sharon Schamber's videos are wonderful. I've watched them over and over.

I joined the Sharon Schamber Network so I could download all her videos to watch.

Although the site has not been active for awhile, I'm hoping that will change, but even so, the videos I've already downloaded -- all of them on the site -- are worth the price of membership.

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