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bali pop strip quilt ?

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I made this quilt for my grandson, I cut my strips at 3" wide and just used all the green fabrics I could find in the stash that were fat quarter or more!! Made using the jelly roll race notion but not the jelly roll.

It ended up 59" x 87". It only took 10 hours from the time I started cutting strips to when I finished machining the binding to the front. I was on a very tight time frame.

Haven't even got a full picture of it, I think I put a 3" wide border around it using the backing fabric as I had a lot of it.



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Heather...Nobody told me to cut the first 18" off! That would have made a big difference. The gal just said to join them all with a mitered join. That's why mine were almost all on one side.

Sandra Darlington

Darlington Quilts

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