Circle Lord and Boards For Sale

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Thank you Karen,

The stars must have been perfectly aligned for me today because I have been longing for Michael's great Circle Lord system and was on the forum minutes after the posting. The templates were all ones I really liked and this will be a wonderful addition to my recent Liberty purchase. I am very excited and very grateful:) Thanks to Michael also for his prompt response regarding the fit from Milli to Liberty - Circle Lord service really is Top Notch!

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Originally posted by Craftychick

Awesome buy Donna! I just bought a brand new CL for my Liberty. Too bad we lived so far from one would be fun to learn along with someone else. :) Are you new to LA quilting?

Hi Colleen,

I feel so lucky! It would be fun to learn together!! I am new to LA quilting; (I previously quilted on a Janome1600P (9"throat) on a 10' SuperQuilter Proflex frame with nothing but problems. The bearings were cheap, cheap, cheap and it had a terrible ride...not to mention the company did Not stand behind it's 10 year warranty. Also, as you quilt, you are left with about 3" of quilting room. Poor equipment = poor quilting) I should clarify that my Janome is great for piecing and bindings!

I Love my is soooooo smoothe. And I can't wait to get all my Circle Lord goodies;)

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