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finally got up the nerve....


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to stop by two local quilt stores with a sample of my work and a stack of business cards. I TOTALLY forgot it was shop hop week, and I arrive at 5 pm after a long day of many quilters.

so the visit goes like this:

Me: "I am....blah...blah.....quilting service...blah..blah" (you know the usual introduction)

Shop manager (s.m.): "I recognize you, you've been in here before"

Stupid Me: "no yours is the first shop I have approached about my quilting business"

S.M. "no, I mean you been in the store "


Me: "...sure, I shop here a lot (well that was a bit of a stretch....but not a total lie)"

....she looks at the front, how I applied the binding, the back....

S.M.: "do you have pets?"

Me: "Yes I have a dog"

S.M.: "some of the customers ask....do you smoke?"

Me: "No I don't smoke and no one has ever smoked in my house" (which I can safely say since we built the house and have been the only owners)

S.M.: "what’s your turn around time"

Me: "two weeks.....could I leave some cards for you"

S.M.: holds out her right hand, palm up

Me: put a stack of cards in her hand

S.M.: "I have some panels at home I'll give you a call in a week or so".......oh and "I hand out your cards"


ok...that went pretty good, let’s try this again....I drive to the next store, which is run by a really nice lady that remembers every customers name (no lie --- every customer after just one visit).

I come in get a cheerful greeting by her employee and husband (S.O.H) (who man's the cash register) she is in the back doing a demo....

ME: " I have started a long arm service, can I leave some cards"

S.O.H.: "sure"

Me: "I have a sample I can show you"

Employee: "Oh...MODA...I have been trying to get her [shop Owner S.O)]to carry moda...let me see.....wow your stitches are great...I jut got a quilt back from the quilter we have been using and this is WAY better"

I then see the store owner waving to me from the back of the store in her demo area....she sees her guests out ....

S.O. "Hi, thanks for posting on our Face book site (seriously, I posted on "thats really pretty" post 2 months ago and had totally forgotten about it...and she not only remembered me, my name, and that I posted on FB....now that is impressive".

Me: "Your welcome"

Employee: "look ...she quilts....look at this" (opening my sample back up)..."see this is moda"

S.O.: "wow that is great your stitches are so even...do you have a computer?"

Me: "No, I have an APQS Millie"

S.O.: "this is all freehand?'

Me: "Well no, it is a panto, but it is all hand guided"

S.O.: "looking at employee, wow this is......"

Employee:" way better than ......"

Me: "I would be happy to quilt a store sample for you"

S.O.: "Good, that quilt pattern you commented on FB about...almost have it done.....you left cards with S.O.H right?"

ME: "Yes"

S.O.: "We can keep you really busy"

TOTAL SCORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was walking on a cloud when I left the store!!!!


this is my sample


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