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AQS in Des Moines

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If you all are at the AQS show entrance at 4:15 p.m. on Wednesday - join us for

What: Quilters Flash Mob

When: Wednesday, September 28

Where: Meet in the hallway outside the entrance to Hy-Vee Hall

Time: 4:15 p.m.

More Info: Bring a small quilt that you can hold by yourself to participate

in the Quilters Flash (fully clothed, that is) Mob.

Details will be provided when you arrive. Let's make history and have lots

of quilts to show in this first-ever Quilters Flash Mob!

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It would be great if there was a table in the hallway area where we could meet. We have done this in Overland Park, and just had a sign on the table.

I am trying to remember if I have met you in person or not. I have met Sheri down in Overland Park.

Looking for to seeing Linzi's Yurt.

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Unfortunately, I cannot attend the show in person - BUT I have a quilt int he show. It's my "ICU - Do UC Me" black and white sort of pop art large wallhanging. It's in the Wall Quilts - Machine Quilted category.

Would any of you attending the show be so kind and take a picture for me, pretty please? I'd very much appreciate this.

Have fun everybody and I tell you, one of these year I WILL be coming, too!


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