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AQS in Des Moines

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Gosh, I really want to go too! Last year I went on the last day for 2 hours, was still worth the drive. I live in Elkhorn. I have to work until noon tho. Is anyone leaving later than Jewels??

Get back, it is so much more fun to go with someone!

my # is 402-690-3329 if you need to call. I go to work at HY-VEE at 4am. Hope someone calls.


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Deb & Everyone. Dinner sounds Maaahvelous girls! Let's just do it!

I have Debbi's phone # and she has mine ( i think...LOL) so, Deb, call me when you get off work ok?!!! I'm so glad you popped in here. I was going to call you when we got to Des Moines, to see if you were coming on Wed or not!

Who else wants in?

Linzi, ya up for another foodathon with us gals..since we're doing lunch w/you too!!!!???

My Cell is the # below. F Y I ...

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The past years there has been no good spot for a table like at MQS> Suzie, Joyce, and I are just going up for the day. Dinner won't be an option for us as we will have a 3 hour drive back so will probably leave around 4. Wish we had some sort of APQS forum nametags or sometheng.

I'll be the one roaming around on crutches as I managed to sprain my ankle on Sat. Great way to start a week's vacation when I planned to finish up the painting etc. on my remodeled quilting basement and do a bunch of fall yard work!! Guess I was supposed to be lazy instead of work on my days off!

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I just left a rather lengthy message for Sheri as that is the only phone number I have. Someone call me tomorrow around 4:00 and we can find a place to eat. i'm thinking Jason's Deli (really good sandwiches, salad bar, gourmet pizza, etc), Macaroni Grill (italian) or Machine Shed (just about anything with to die for potato soup!!). All are on the way out of town for Sheri and Julie. Vicki - Would you be able to meet us at one of these restaurants or do you need a ride?

Michelle - I know you're reading this so ditch the working and come join us. :) (like I have any room to talk).

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Oh, you are so funny, Debbi. I got within 3 blocks of my house and then had to drive 2 miles out of the way due to a rollover accident. But, no worriesi. I didn't even use my GPS.:P:P:P It was great spending time together and catching up. Have fun at the show and seeing Linzi and her yurt. I really enjoyed my time with her today too.

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Hey gals.

I missed you ALL soooo much today! Thought of you all, all day long too!

Wished I could see Linzi's yurt. Maybe Jason can drive me up later if nothing else goes on come week end.

Tummy is still feeling a bit raw. No vomiting at all thru this,...thank GOD,..just a very sore, raw feeling stomach that show'd up about 11 p.m. last nite.

Must be some bug going around.

Hubby made me home made chicken soup for dinner tonite, and that helped.

Did nothing but rested the whole day. Some hand sewing on a cross-stitch santa wall quilt.

Quilted Hugs to you ALL! Bet you all had a blast!

We need a get together soon. Been wayyy tooo long for us ALL! Wish I had a log cabin retreat home for us to stay a week together!

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Had a great time at the quilt show today. Met Linzi and saw her YURT ! Really neat!!!! Also visited the APQS booth and came home with a bag full of things I can't possibly live without. haha Four of us went together and I drove. The girls paid my way into the show and chipped in for gas, so that was very nice ov them. It was a fun day.

That quilt in the picture behind Marilyn Badger on the home page was at the show and won Best Machine Quilting.............I think.......I didn't think to take a picture with my phone. I forgot that I can do that with my new phone. So far, it is smarter than me. :P

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