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I do sew binding on the front while I am LAing but only for some customers. Once a customer has brought me a couple of quilts and I can see that their corners are square I offer the binding. I don't tell customers who have wonky borders and corners because adding binding to an already difficult quilt takes all the joy out of the process. :P

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Peggy - I agree, binding is not one of my favorite things either - I'm going to offer to stitch it onto the quilt, but no hand sewing for me!

Rita - That's exactly what I'm planning - what do you recommend charging for that? I've seen .15 per linear inch to stitch it down, and .20 to sew it together and stitch it down - any thoughts?

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This is what it says on my website:

Binding Services - Charged by the Linear Inch (sum of all 4 sides)

Cut and pieced, machine stitched to front and trimmed - $.15 per linear inch

Cut and pieced, machine stitched to front, trimmed, then turned and hand stitched to finish with mitered corners - $.35 per linear inch. (Yes - this is expensive. I would prefer you stitch down your own bindings, but I would be happy to attach them to the quilt top for you).

On a queen-sized quilt this can add almost $150 to the charge if I do the whole thing. I actually do get people who ask me to stitch that binding down for them. I hate doing it, so I charge an arm and two legs. Usually, it deters most people.

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I offer binding. I love to do binding, especially hand finished which is .30 per linear inch. Check out my website listed below for other pricing. Anyone looking for someone to do binding - contact me. If you don't like it don't offer it. I refuse to work on things I don't enjoy. I tried 2 T-shirt quilts. They turned out fine, clients were happy but I didn't enjoy it. I will pass other T-shirt quilt orders on to other quilters I know who will do a good job and like to do it.

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