Phoenix, Las Vegas, So. California, Race Specials!!!

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This fall Dave, will be traveling to the following areas for racing, and APQS service calls, what he offers is a total machine once over which includes the installation of all new parts,(including bliss upgrade) cleaning, greasing and all adjustments, for 200.00 in your home. if you include a set of overhead lights the total cost is 500.00 for lighting system, shipping, machine ,and set up, you can't beat this check out the video on you tube for the lights!!

time is limited as he does go to the races so schedule early,

to schedule an appointment call dave at 269-767-2799 or email him at

light video:


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Dave: I'm about 4 hours away from where you will be. I live on the Central Coast, an hour north of Santa Barbara, so I think I'm to far away. My machine is 7 years old and I've been thinking about sending it in for a "tune-up". My first experience with APQS was when I went to the road show in Oakland when you and Deloa were there. I'm sure you remember Oakland but not me. Enjoy the races!

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