If I had one wish!

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One wish would be for the APQS machines to have a sensor on the bobbin that lets you know when it's about to run out of thread! My Babylock sewing machine has one and I love it. It would be really handy when I'm on the "back" side doing pantos and I'm about to run out. Before my APQS, I had a Handiquilter with the larger bobbins so I didn't have to change so often. I'm seriously considering retro fitting my Freedom to the larger bobbins!

Not gripping, just saying! :P;)

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The problem is that the bobbin sensor requires you to use either a steel (with holes) or a plastic bobbin, so that the laser can see "through" the bobbin (IIRC, they're made kind of like garage-door-opener sensors, except in reverse - they set off the alarm when it *can* see through). One of the bernina models had *horrible* problems with this, and it wouldn't allow you to stitch if there wasn't enough (or any) bobbin thread, so when it malfunctioned, you were essentially locked out from sewing. I also don't know if a plastic bobbin (if required) would stand up to the speed that the APQS machines go.

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