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Terry from Applepatch Designs Trunk Show


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Hey there all you quilters! I caught this as a last minute thing. I have taken two quilt classes in the past few months. The first one being at Fiddlesticks here in Boulder City, (I absolutely love this shop).

So Friday night while I thought I'd go check the calendar for any updates and sure enough there was some! Terry Molberg, (Canadian gal) from Applepatch designs was having a trunk show at the Boulder Dam Hotel Saturday afternoon. So I decided to go and see what it was all about. I am so glad that I did, because I thought it was going to be boring. But no it was so very informative!

I was stuck on doing some appliques on place mats. She showed us how easy they really are!! And the whole time I'm thinking OMG! That is so simple!

She told us of how she and her husband got started in Applepatch designs, how she design's her wall quilts, inspirations, etc.

She of course brought along most of her quilted wall hangings, and I was just astounded of the extra love that she puts into them, it shows and she's proud (I would be too).

Overall, she was a great gal and funny! So now I'm all hyped up ready to attend the next Trunk show that I can find! My brain wants more info and in a way it kind of re-energized me to keep me going!!

For any new people (like me) that gets into quilting, I suggest check out as many trunk shows as possible. The more you know the better your quilting skills will be. We can never have enough information! Like I stated in my bio, sewing and quilting is not a hobby , but a PASSION!!!!

I am also thankful I found this forum too, I'm sure I will learns lots from you guys as well! BTW I couldn't resist buying a cute kit from her it's called "Meow at the Moon". I love kittys!!!! Go see her designs at www.applepatchdesigns.com They are all so cute!!

Holler at ya later.....

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