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bobbin case stuck

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Thanks for asking, Linda

Yes we did finally get the case loose.... with one person pulling on the horizonal hinged arm and another applying a little pressure with a tiny screwdriver. Popped right out. The end of the thread was very dirty/greasy like it had been stuck in something..... We rethreaded the top thread and the bobbin case and all worked well. So we completed two rows of stitching on the small quilt we had been practicing on. Hmmmm. It's a mystery how it got stuck. We wasted an hour or so, but we learned more about how our machine works. I suppose if it had stalled during 9-5, Monday through Friday we could have called APQS for more help.

Anyway... we are back in business and now know how to participate in the chat line.

Happy quilting

Denise and Bobbie

Sandlake and McMinnville, Oregon


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That's good news for sure. Glad to hear you got it out.

You can gleen a lot of help and information here on the APQS site, and never hesitate to ask questions, believe me, we've all been there a time or two in our quilting journey.....:D:D

Our Millie's are not tempermental and fussy, but there is a learning curve for all of us. Sometimes it's an easy fix ....

Happy Quilting,

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