Looking for a quilt (piecing) Pattern

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I hope you find it and hope they have two! I have been looking for this pattern for about a month now with no luck. I have a deceased friend's quilt top to quilt up for her family that I'd like to duplicate for her other child. I have received the fabrics she used but with it was the picture insert from the pattern and not the pattern itself.

If you find a place that still has some, I'd love to know.

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There is also a wonderful book called Scrap Basket Sensations that has a quilt very similar, plus there are lots of other really great quilts in the book. Here is one I made. There was a block turned in the pattern that I corrected on the corner. The book pattern interlocks all the way around instead of just having strips of interlocking blocks.


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Is this something you need right away or is it just something that you would like to have? Sometimes you can call Keepsake and see if they still have any in stock, also I plan on making a trip to Keepsake after the holidays and can look for you if you haven't obtained it yet.


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