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MQX Class with Claudia


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I am trying to get my supply list together and Claudia's class on Friday "Flexible Fillers and Creative Couching". She is asking us to bring "Lava from Superior ( multicolor ) + matching prewound bobbins". I am hoping that I can pick this up from Superior at the show, but just in case, what would be a good substitute?

Also, what size bobbins - I only have L size bobbins, but do not know what machine we will be working with in this class.

I am hoping that I can get things in order b4 I leave tomorrow, but otherwise it is "a wing and a prayer" and I will show up with what I have.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Barb!

Lava should be available at the Superior booth, but bring an empty bobbin to wind it on the machine in class. Or else bring a couple of pre-wounds of Bottom Line or So Fine just in case. If the machine takes an M bobbin, they should have some extras on hand. Email the show if you have a question--they should tell you what machines are in the classes.

I have Lava in variegated yellows (Lanai) and reds (Red Hot) which I am happy to toss in the take-along bin if you want to borrow them. Let me know since I will see you at the dinner on Thursday. Email me if you want--- my U2U is full and I can't seem to get enough deleted to send a reply.:o

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