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are you using a winder that gets the thread on real tight. i was told to push the filled bobbin thread with my finger nail, if it barely pokes the thread, it was fine. If you can push it way in, then it is not tight enough. I use the APQS bobbin winder, which is great, Gammil also has one.. I think the one from APQS is called a Turbo Winder.

also a thick, heavy thread won't fill the bobbin as much as a regular thread, or Bottom line or Sew Fine.

Wish I knew a lot more. Someone else will chip in and help..


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Originally posted by Busy Quilting

If it runs out mid row of a panto then just unpick back to an intersection of the panto, or a seam line of the top and this helps to diguise stops and start better.

Double ditto :D Only I tie and bury and the stops/starts are invisible! It's not a big time consumer to do so and it is much more attractive.

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Experienced this one today! Same panto I did the last quilt (used bottom line) yet on this quilt I used Sofine in bobbin, ran out 3/4 of the way through the row. Next time I marked my panto on the plastic overlay before that spot with a erasable marker and I chose a less noticable spot to end and start a new bobbin.

We live and learn!

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I bury threads too, but hate it when that happens, makes more work to bury threads. I would put in a new bobbin and after one row, check and see how much thread it used...if it is less than 1/2 of your bobbin then you are good for 2 rows. I would just change the bobbin after each row where you suspect that it would run out. You can always use the extra to baste the sides of the quilt or on your dm later.

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