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Run on stitches


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I have a 2011 Millennium "Bliss" with 14' table... over the last several months my machine has developed a bad habit of "run on stitches" when I am in stitch regulator mode (no the quilt glide is not on, have checked, double checked, triple checked).

Basically what happens is I am stitching, stop moving the machine (say to reposition a ruler)...and the needle continues to cycle.

I can take may hands completly off the machine, nothing is touching and it will inconsistenlty cycle. The act of lying my index finder on the handle (not nudging pushing or moving the machine in any way) will make the needle cycle.

We have now replaced the encoder and the felt pad bar thing at the front of the machine...and it still does it (inconsistenly --- but still does it).

Is anyone else having this issue? It did not do this for the first 4 or 5 months I had the machine .....

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I don't have Quilt Glide but that sounds like it is engaged in spite of you making sure it is in the off configuration. Email or call Dawn and see if that is even a possibility.

An adjustment of the #8 screw helps with extra stitches happening when using the needle positioner button, but it doesn't seem like that's the issue here.

Good luck--luckily your warranty will cover problems. It's still a pain to deal with. I think it needs some attention from the folks in Iowa......

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