IQ Custom quilted Lonestar

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Does your no sew feature tie off or does it sew continuously connecting the lines at the seam? I'm still learning how to do this. I really don't mind the tie offs when it is on a border, but in a block, the continuous stitching is preferable. You did a great job of placement!

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Thank you!

Heidi - Yes we have bonded pretty well. I had a very comprehensive online training with Dealer Suzanne Moreno and learned so much that this system can do. I can't believe I have only had it for a few months.

As far as time... the quilting took about 4 and a half days. The design work was done in a few evenings just sitting in my chair with my tablet laying out the quilt map. The block and triangle design I created with the editing features in IQ. I took the feather border design, which is actually a panto and made the block and triangle designs. No need to purchase coordinating designs.

Boni - the no sew zone feature will do either. I can tell it what I want it to do. I can have it sew continuously for a certain length that I choose and then tie off if the transition is longer than I set up, or have it do all of just one choice. Whatever works best for my area.

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Patty beautiful job!!! I just learned at Advanced Bootcamp how to modify the filler to sew continuously around the "no sew zone" without doing a lot of repeat stitches. Did you know that Zoltan is working on a morphing feature which will enable IQ to place designs perfectly in those not so square (straight edge) blocks.

Vicky, you can come down an play with my IQ anytime! I'll have you IQing in minutes.

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Thank you all very much.

Kerri here is the design I used.

Connie, that sounds interesting about modifying the filler, I suppose I could have done that with the split feature and deleting some stitching, but didn't think of it at the time.

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