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Newbie here -

I love the idea of these snappers. My question is about the fold the rod is threaded through. How do I get that on my leaders? 1) Do I need to take leaders off and sew them on the machine?

2) Do I pin, put in Horizontal lock and sew on the milli?

Sorry for the crazy questions but I was taught the only wrong question is the one not asked.

Thanks for all of your help with my questions.

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No silly questions. I had zippers on first so I just made a small leader with a casing and attached that to the zipper already on my leaders. If you don't have zippers you can fold back the leader and make a casing. I would probably mark it and then very carefully use my longarm to stitch the casing. I believe Renae Haddidin has a video on her website showing how to do it.

Linda - Red snappers are Renae Haddins and they allow for quick loading of your quilt! I love mine.

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Don't take off you canvas, you can sew it on your long arm like Heidi said. I also had zippers on my leaders and made a

"cheater leader" for my red snappers which I totally love. If you do a search on here for red snappers, (I would go back at least a year for the search) you'll find pictures of my red snappers on a millie. You'll also find more ideas.

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Love my red snappers! I took a two inch piece of plastic to mark my leaders. Once I had the line completely down the leader, I folded the leader up to the line, and very slowly put in my stitching to create the casing. Only took about an hour to get all three done.

Note to self if I ever need to replace my leaders again (had just replaced them before I bought my new machine) Renae sells leaders with the casing already in them.

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The leaders I had were needing changing, so I made new leaders and included the pocket for the rod for the Red Snappers. The snap on section was very stiff and hard to put on at first, but now it's not so hard, and very little pain to the hands.

They can't be beat. I tried pinning on, then zippers andfinally to the Red Snappers. Final solution I hope.

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Re:  Red Snappers


Quilters:  I used four long pieces of 1.5 inch wide cotton fabric, cut on my Accuquilt Studio.


I shifted my sewing machine needle as far to the left and stitched down the flat strip to the back of the canvas leader.  Backstitched at top and bottom, and then shifted my machine needle to the far right and did the opposite side.  The fabric is thin, therefore, its casings are thin.  Just the right thickness to encase the plastic rods and really easy to snap the uppers to.

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