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Yea, that happened to me as well. Took me a portion of the day to remember how it was done. By the hour, zeke.........


by the hour.........................

APQS Ultimate I/Compuquilter


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I used photobucket as the provider (if that's what you wish to call it). Upload your picture (the one you want as your avatar) into photobucket. Once there edit your photos size to 75x75. When you get your picture sized there will be a box with 4 links - Email & IM, Direct Link, HTML code, and IMG code. Open your APQS user control panel; Edit profile, and paste the DIRECT LINK from photobucket. Your avatar will now be on your profile.


James & Carrie Melton
APQS Freedom '08 - Hand guided - M&M Wheels - The Topper

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The size definitely matters. I had to keep making it smaller until it was accepted. It was just a picture stored in my photos on my computer.

Cathy Hamilton - M&M'ed 2008 Millennium - Part-time Quilter, Full-time Lover of Quilts

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