Westalee cross hatch guide- Anyone have one?

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Hi, all,

I am trying to get back into using my Millie and wondered whether anyone has tried the Westalee cross hatch guide? I am looking into getting some kind of crosshatch guide. Am looking into Linda Rech's set up too. I know a lot of you like Linda's set up. Just wondered about the Westalee too. Your opinions are very important to me!

Thanks for any info.


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I have a Westalee and had fairly good results from it. However, the screw that held the sewing guide in place didn't hold the guide tightly in position so it would move slightly and wouldn't give you perfectly spaced lines. I got a Quiltazoid and it is WONDERFUL! So much better, more accurate, easy and quick to use. My lines now are perfect and take half as much time to do. More than worth the higher price tag, plus you can do so many more things with it!

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I had the same problem with the rulers not being tight at the screws and they didn't get exactly where I wanted them. So, DH went and got rubber gaskets and new screws (longer) so I could tighten it down. Still not the best, so I just use the rulers as guides. Doing a whole cloth quilt now with lots of parallel lines and have been using them as a long template. Working good. I might save up for the Circle Lord, but that is pretty pricy. Anyone have any comments about using Circle Lord groovy boards vs. QuiltEZ?


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