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Lime and Hot Pink Varigated Thread?

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Anyone know if this is a combo that I can find. Didn't see it in Rainbows or king tut unless I overlooked it.

I know it is a strange combo but I so hope someone has a thread suggestion in this family.

Working on the Complete Bedding set for my New Granddaughter who will be here in January. Bedding is of all things Black, white and Pink and Lime Green.

Thanks in advance


Grammie Tammie

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Lime and hot pink must be the rage, because I'm quilting one now for a 10-year old. Superior Threads old Rainbows #832 Rose Garden is pink and sage green, the new version looks like deep magenta and maybe forest green. Otherwise, I'm using King Tut #923 Fahl Green and #940 Cotton Candy, along with a deep magenta Bottom Line.

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I got my Superior Thread cards out and the closest thing I see is LAVA #242 Fireworks. I have that cone of thread, and yes there is a bright pink, and a lime green---but also as it travels from green to pink there is a yellow section. The pink goes from bright pink to a purple tone as it travels too---Maybe it would work? If you want pure bright pink that goes right into lime green---this color is not the one.

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