Very Special Memory Quilt-Need Advice Please

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A very good friend of my daughter's tragically and unexpectedly died several months ago. I want to make a memory quilt for his parents. Does anyone have any experience with something like this? I would like to know what type of fabric sheets are the best and how would I design such a quilt? Would I just do a bunch of pictures with sashings in between? Also, how should this be quilted? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.


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A friend of mine did a quilt as a gift for someone graduating from college, but used pictures printed on cotton kona and also sashings between. She also did it in a size that could be hung on the wall. She also used some cloth from the persons cloths, t-shirts, a favorit shirt or jeans, etc. I don't know if that's possible in this case, but the person who received the quilt loved it.

What a wonderful thing to do for someone. Let us know how it turned out and post a picture if you can. I would love to see it!

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I did a birthday quilt for my mother's 75th birthday and had people send me favorite memories which I wrote on light colored fabric with fabric pens and then did square in a square (you could just put small borders on them/sashing). I entered the memory in my computer and printed it in as large a font as needed to fill up the space (I used 4" x 4" finished blocks), with at least a size 16 font, then traced the words (this helped keep my spacing even).

I also did squares with significant events (marriage, getting her doctorate, etc).

These could be incorporated along with the other ideas posted.


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I've done 2 such wall quilts - not so very large. Sadly, one woman ordered them both - for two different tragic deaths of young men involving their family. Each time, she brought 4) 5" X 7" photos and a scripture verse. I placed two memory photos above and below the 5" x 7" centered verse. These were sashed and I quilted things specific to the youth or family in the open areas.

One boy was a basketball player, so I sashed each photo in different basketball fabrics. An extra set of photos "accidentally" got printed off and I put those into a small pillow to be given to his only sibling. His sister's a college volleyball player, so I fussy cut a blonde VB player from some fabric I had from something I'd made for my daughter. I put this between his two photos.

Both wall quilts were given on the one yr anniversary of the deaths of the boys. I had heard good things about "Printed Treasures" brand (I believe I have that name right) and they did work well. One of the wall quilts was just given a week ago and I saw the lady yesterday who gave it. She smiled and said they were most warmly received.

Sherry O

Praise Works Quilting

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Here is a link to a recent quilt I did for a client, with pics, t-shirts and clothing. It was for her daughter's 21st B-day, and it really was nice............

BTW, I prefer to make my own printable fabric. It's much cheaper and I like the quality of the fabric much better. (Southern Belle) Here is a set of instructions, using Bubble Jet Set. I make about 10-15 sheets at once, and keep them in a zip-loc bag.

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My father died about 3 1/2 years ago, and my mother almost 2 years ago. After the death of my father - one year later - I have made a quilt for him, with a tree - the family - and more symbols arond them. This quilt I gave to my middle sister, who wanted it very much. I did not own a long arm machine then, so I quilted it by hand.

I have just finished the quilt for my mother - I could not think of one untill about 2 weeks ago, at almost the 2nd year after she passed away. I have made a tree again with a tree - the family - but now on the right, with seven branches ( my father, my mother and the 5 of us being their 3 daughters and 2 sons ). A path of flying geest ( freedom, which is also the title of the quilt ) goes from left to right around the tree to the left above, which symbols the path of life and into heaven. The flying geese are not equal in points, but are swaying, beacuse life is has not always been the same too, for my mother... When I was drawing the flying geese, I was just making them with a pencil on a piece of paper actual sice, I have made 77 geese in one row, without really wanting this. Then I realisez my mother was 77 when she died. Coincidence? I think not, because there are many more symbols in the quilt that just happened... and they all fit in.

For me this is a way to cope with the loss, we miss her still every day, because she was the glue that held the family together. This quilt will go to my elder sister, she doesn't know what the quilt looks like, but she wanted to have it very much.

Making a memory quilt is something that appears out of nowhere, I can only make such a quilt when the time is right, and I feel the pattern in my heart at a certain time. I always let myself be guided by feelings, and I hope a small part of it are the feelings of the one I am making the quilt for.

Sylvia Kaptein


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I have found it easier to use the Printed Treasures for printing pictures, The amount of time involved in getting fabric ready for printing with Bubble Jet was not cost effective for me.

I have done several comfort quilts with family members clothing and it will be one of the most rewarding quilts you will complete. Word to the wise, use iron on interfacing on the clothing as it reduces the stretch and makes the quilt turn out beautifully. You could also do a photo pillow with pollar fleece for them to snuggle. in the comfort folder. If you have questions, just email me.

Debbie Rolek

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I have to add on to what Debbie Rolek said above.

I used Printed Treasures fabric photo sheets for a memory quilt I recently made for a female cowoker. She and her husband endured a year of ups and downs until he died of cancer recently. He was only 33 years old. They have three kids under the age of 5.

I got some digital photos of family and printed them on the Printed Treasures fabric sheets using my inkjet printer at home. I made a flannel rag quilt with the photos spread out in alternate blocks. I wanted to make a lap sized quilt with photos of their daddy that would be used by the family to cuddle and snuggle on the couch while watching TV, reading books, etc. These Printed Treasures sheets are spendy and cost more, but I believe they were well worth the cost. The quilt turned out exactly as I imagined --- absolutely wonderful (if I do say so myself) and the Printed Treasures fabric sheets are washable so you can wash the quilt and the photos will not fade. The fabric photos are soft just like fabric, unlike the iron-on transfers that have a film and are stiff.

The family was very pleased with the quilt. If I had to make another memory quilt, I would use the Printed Treasures fabric sheets for the photo transfers. They are wonderful!


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I have done several anniversary quilts in the last five years. I have come to like the Printed Treasures brand sheets best. Although I have washed, ironed and sewn on them, I have not done repeated washings. I'll have to leave one in the laundry area and just keep throwing it in with each load for a while....

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