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The business software from called Quilters Business Manager is really good for record keeping. I think you could fashion an intake form using the infomation possible to include in an invoice. It would help because the prices would already be established and you wouldn't be tempted to say "I won't charge for that" !! You can download a sample on the website. I really like it at tax time becuz all I have to do is put in the dates and print out a report for my 'tax man' (DH)!!

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Hi Bonnie,

I have the "Professional Machine Quilting" by Carol A. Thelen that she wrote in 2003 "The Complete Guide to Running a Successful Quilting Business". It is a very good book.

She recently updated this book and the latest edition is titled "Professional Machine Quilting Revised: The Complete Guide To Running A Successful Quilting Business" by Carol A. Thelen. You can buy it on Amazon. (I don't have this edition, but it should be even better than the 2003 text)

The books cover specifics regarding is the business right for you, expenses, working at home, setting prices, what services to offer, marketing, developing your quilting style, scheduling your time, working with clients, and much more. 80 pages.

Just when I think it might be a good idea to go pro, and start up a quilting business, I sit down and re-read another excellent book that is for a better wording " more realistic"----"Pricing for Your Longarm Quilting Business" by Cindy Roth of Long Arm University.

"How Much Are You REALLY Making?"

"How CAN I Earn More $$ From My Quilting"

"How Many Quilts Can you Quilt?" (one of my favorite chapters. after just reading this chapter, I'm exhausted!)

"Calculating the Cost of Thread"

"Pricing for Commission Quilts"

"Binding Quilts~ More $$ for YOU!"

Hope this helps---Both of these books are very informative and useful.

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