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UGH! top thread keeps breaking

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of course this happens when my friend come for the weekend to quilt a top....

she is using rainbows over sofine.

got thru about 3/4 of the top, and all of the sudden, top thread starts breaking. it is fraying right at the breaking point. but rainbows frays so i'm not sure that's pertinent

i have rethreaded,


changed and cleaned the bobbin,

bigger needle

checked under the bobbin case finger

changed the entire bobbin case

used my TOWA and top tension guages

sprayed silicone on the cone

went to bed and slept on it

an it is still happening

anyone see anything iam missing

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Try to find out where in the cycle it is breaking. When it breaks, don't touch the thread and raise the take-up lever manually to the top. Bring the thread to the eye of the needle. If it's breaking above the needle, look for burrs on pigtails. You can turn that last pigtail above the needle over and continue quilting if you don't have a replacement. If it's breaking at the eye, keep changing needles until you find a good one. If it is breaking below the eye, check for burrs on the needle plate hole and then a divot on the hook. Slather on the silicone.

Good luck today!

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