Need assistance with Ultimate 1.

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Any Help would be great RE: Ultimate 1... going to look at AN OLD one; third owner. I have reviewed threads about what to look for - regarding table sturdiness, thread guides, needle bar and such... about how much for a Spa treatment/Is it even necessary if well maintained?? Can this machine have stitch regulation added?

Can it sit on ANY table or is it married to the huge one it is on?? I wouldn't be able to go larger than 12' (though 10 ft would be best). Not sure where I should spend my $$... starter or just wait a bit longer....

like I said, any help would be great. tia

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Hi, I own an Ultimate I, and mine is probably one of the older ones out here with a serial number of 265, and she runs beautifully! I recently put new motor brushes in, repacked the gear box, replaced the hook assembly, and re-timed the machine. Many of us do these things ourselves, but you can have the machine in to the factory for a 'spa' treatment, which if it needed any of these things they would do them at that time.

Being one of the original machines manufactured my machine does not have stitch regulation (today, anyway :o) but she is scheduled to get the Intellistitch stitch regulation on Friday (YAAY!!) Any issues in the future with the third party stitch regulation will have to be handled by the IS people, but APQS would still do any machine maintenance that would ever need done that I cannot do.

Table size may be an issue but you can always check to see if anyone in your area has a table they want to swap out - or you could take the rollers to a reputable welder and have them shortened. Mine is the 14 ft table which I recently changed out the legs to the newer (to me) style that handles the fourth roller. I only had three rollers on top but had a batting roller that was never used. Dawn suggested using the batting roller as my fourth roller, and APQS had a set of used legs I was able to purchase from them and make it all work. I don't think you can use a different brand table, but someone else will have to jump in and let me know if I'm wrong about that.

Long story short - don't be afraid of an older machine. These machines are built to last! Ask the current owner to let you play around on the machine before you purchase it so you can see how comfortable you are with it, as well as see if there are any issues. If the machine is unassembled, I personally would request that it be set up so I could test it before deciding. Hope this helps you in your decision process! Good luck, and have fun!


Ultimate I 'Mizz Mona'

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The Ultimate 1 is a great machine if the price is right. Intellistitch can be added for about $3000 plus travel fees for the installer. Call APQS and ask how much to send the head in and have it made into a Green Lucey or Green Millenium. On the APQS home page there is a link to the certified used machines. Quite often they have trade ins that get the full spa treatment and a new table(your choice of length) and a one year warranty for less than $10,000. There is very little that you can't service yourself on these machines so a trip to the factory is probably not needed. APQS does a wonderful job with support (I've never waited more than a half day for a call back). If you know a welder/fabricator you could have the table shortened (somebody shortened mine to about 10.5 feet and it is a little tight on the queen size quilts.)

I paid $3500 for mine this year but I had no intention of adding stitch regulation I added Intelliquilter.


Ultimate 1 with IQ


Green Millie

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I bought my Ult 1 from APQS. It came with the new style table, single stitch, battery powered laser light, and had had the whole spa treatment. It cost $4k plus shipping, and had a 1 year warranty and the free beginner's class. Mine had a serial number in the 900s. You might want to be sure you get single stitch. My understanding is that is something that can't be added, and is important, especially if you think you might ever want to add a compuquilter or intellistitch computer system. The machine worked just fine. I struggled with it, but it was me, not the machine. After a year I decided to upgrade to a Millenium, and APQS gave me a wonderful deal on a trade in.

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I appreciate all your input!! I hope to be reserved in judgement -- and able to make a educated decision when I go look at the Ultimate. I hope to luck out on the frame design and that the serial number supports the ability to add stitch reg etc.


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