new machine coming tomorrow!!

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Just talked with Heidi and my new Blissed FreedomSR is being delivered and setup tomorrow!!!! I am so excited I can't even concentrate on my work today!!!!

I purchased it at the AQS in DesMoines--but waited to take delivery until the harvest was finished and my husband/maintance man could be there to help!!!

Better go put something in the crock pot so we have something to eat this week!!

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Kristina--I would have loved asecond machine but no room--I am trading my nonSR for the new one. I waffled between wanting to put the CQ on my existing machine or getting a new one--I went to Des Moines thinking I was going to computerize but after playing with the Bliss at the APQS booth--I jsut couldn't pass up the Bliss--just amazing the smoothness!!!

Came home trying to figure out the financeing when my Mom surprised all us kids with a little money from my Dad's life insurance!! Just like he was trying to tell me to just get it!! Too cool!!!

Well have to get the farm's bookwork done this afternoon--so I can play tomorrow!!!

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