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I'm guessing the only way you could do that would be to scan the patterns and then use some software to convert to the digitized format. I am not familiar with Art & Stitch, but I notice that it says you can open an image and auto trace, so it is likely possible. The question would be whether it would be a violation of copyright to copy the image. I would imagine that the designer(s) of your pantographs would not be enthusiastic about this.

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I would guess that if you already had purchased your paper pattern and some how was able to trace it or otherwise down load it into the Pantovision and using it for you own use...there would not be a copyright infringement since you already paid for the design. Now if you did this for resale then you would have problems.

I would be interested in this system if there was an easy way to be able to use the paper panto's that I already have..which I have alot and just can't repurchase them in a digitized format.

So, my question would be if they are working on some way for us to be able to do that? also would there would be a way to download your own drawings?

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