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Buffaloed by Bliss/Oh my gosh! Why did I wait?!

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DH installed my Bliss on Friday while I was out on a bike ride. Bless him. started to play a little on Sunday, but got freaked out by it, and a customer quilt is loaded and ready to go. I can't mess this up! Played a little on the side, hey, this is fun. Took the plunge and started in on black solid fabric with beige thread. Hey, not so bad, hey that looks good! Hey, how easy is this to run!

Now, why did I wait so long to dive into playing with this marvelous invention? If you've got Bliss, you understand, if you're dreaming of Bliss, take the plunge! Worth every penny!

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I totally agree!!! I just started working out in the studio again after my new Blissed Freedom SR was set up and it is just amazing!!! I literally glides like a hot knife through butter!! And doing tiny pebbles with Glide and Bliss--well lets just say I was giggling with delight!!!

I did 3 quilts yesterday--and didn't even feel it in my back!! Way cool!!!!

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Having Bliss on my Lenni was like night and day!!! I love the Bliss system. I just sold my Lenni, purchased a Millie from the forum and am now waiting for my new Bliss to arrive any day. I dont even feel like quilting till it gets here there is so much difference after quilting with Bliss. I hope to have mine running next week, yeah!!!

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