MQS 2012 - Who's Going???

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Well, it doesn't look like I will be going this year :( . Still haven't got hubby straightened out. He can now drive with a special outfitted control, but not wear his leg yet. We have battled healing for 9 months now. Hopefully we can see the end in sight. He's not diabetic, just a bad fall with damage to inner tissue and a bad hosp. aquired infection. Hope everyone has a great time and think of me !! Glenda

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Me Me Me!! I just registered! I wish I had registered a few weeks ago when I was beginning to plan what I wanted to take. :( several classes I wanted are now sold out and I am wait listed. boo

I would love to share a full week's space at the Sheraton. I do NOT have a room booked yet and - I would dare say, the block is full, but will try.

Anyone... anyone....

I did stay at Hyatt Place for a couple of nights last year - super great! I just want to walk over to the classrooms instead of drive.

I am exploring pretty much any and all options! I will be driving from Boulder Colorado and staying all week long!

Yippee Skippee!

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I'm still wishy-washy about going. Hubby is still recovering from colon surgery and finances aren't too great. But...MQS is soooo hard to resist. lol The little devil sitting on my shoulder is saying "Do it, Do it, It's Only Money". lol I've set my deadline to decide by the end of March. Send me good thoughts!

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