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I got an e-mail from my son this morning (6 AM) that he was following the ambulance to the ER as his new little daughter, Becka was having seizures. This is their little girl they adopted from China this last June. I just got an update that the seizures are continuing and they are admitting her. They have tests scheduled this afternoon. This is my son that lives in Maryland. I know that there are many prayer warriors out there and I would ask you to pray. She is just 17 months old and such a little cutie pie.

Thank you

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Seizures are scary...but with the right medication they can be controlled. My grandson in Indiana is going through that. I'm praying they find what is causing the seizures and that they prescribe the right medication and treatment. It is difficult for you to be so far away and waiting to hear. My prayers are for your peace too Patty Jo, and the parents.

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I talked with my son a little bit ago and the tests were all completed and they are waiting for the results. Don't know if they will get the results tonight or not. They did put her on an antibiotic for a sinus infection that they found while doing the CT scan. I'll update more when I learn anything new. Thank you all for your prayers.

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