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Hi Marci & welcome to the forum. I've missed your previous posts so I'm getting my "welcome" in better late than never. I'll be praying for your little grandson. A pound in a week on a little tyke is a lot. I hope that he quickly gains that back.

And thanks everyone for your prayers. When I know more, I'll post an update.

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this is the most recent update from my son ......

all the tests came back "normal"

which is to say, they don't know why.

it is good to know that she doesn't have a tumor or brain trauma from her early life.

but it is also puzzling as the common causes for seizures have been ruled out.

we had appt this am with her pediatrician who checked her over again ... and she looks good.

we have appt monday with pediatric neurologist.

we are working to schedule appt with pediatric endocrinologist ... they are taking new patients in Feb/Mar. ouch

will keep you posted.

bekah is doing well today, just very tired and hungry.

we are hoping for a solid naps all around

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Patty Jo,

This is all very good news. If her EEG is normal that is a very good sign. I wonder if she had a fever that could have caused the seizure. We had to wait 3 months for daughters MRI when she had her seizures and that was stressful. She ended up having 2 more so they moved her up to immeidate status. That also got us into the specialist sooner so if she should have another make sure son pushes for them to see her sooner. I know how scary it is and the things that go through your head while you wait for test results. Prayers that it is nothing and thankfully you have ruled out a tumor.

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Such good news, even though no cause is determined. Seizures in little ones, unfortunately, are not as uncommon as we want to believe. Many prayers to the family as they work through the necessary appointments. Glad the little "monkey" is doing so much better today and is home where she belongs.

Marci - many prayers for your little one also.....

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Am so curious, if their tree is up, does it have flashing or flickering lights on it?? That could spark siezures in some.. if tree is up and lit, did the siezures start before or after it was set up and in use??

God help in the search and solution for an assist, discovery and stabilization at the least.

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Seizures suck and they leave the family feeling so helpless. I know this all to well. Daniel had another seizure Thursday night at basketball practice, 17th one this year. He is on such high meds. They told us that everyone is allowed 1 seizure in their life. Daniel's EEG showed seizure activity so therefore it was determined he was prone to having them and needed meds to control them. Just now finding the right ones/dosage.

My prayers are for all of you and the doctors. She is a lucky little girl to have all the love surrounding her. A suggestion go to Epilepsy.com and look at their resources they have there and especially what to do and what not to do when someone is having a seizure. There are a lot of misconceptions out there and there are around 32 different types of seizures, not just convulsive. Daniel has non-convulsive seizures mostly. Actually this is a good suggestion to all of you that read this, please inform yourself about seizures. Hugs

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Good information Sheryl. I'll pass this along to them. I know both my son and DIL are into researching everything. My son found that the one med that they put her on in the hospital (can't remember the name) has many horrible side effects including addiction!!!! I know that they needed to control them, but I sure hope the Dr on Monday can change that in a hurry.

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My daughter had seizures starting at 4 months and ending at 15. Hers were caused by a build up of scar tissue on one side of her brain due to a forcep delivery. She was on medication that kept them fairly well controlled (phenabarbitol). After the seizures stopped she started having migraines. She is 38 now and the headaches have gotten much better in the past few years. There are so many things that can cause seizures. Let's hope and pray this was an isolated incident or at least that they can be well controlled.

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